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Any local knows that Redding's summer temperatures can easily reach the triple digits. And it’s growing worse. Scientists researching global climate change predict temperatures will rise steadily throughout the next decade. This means hotter houses, hotter schools, and hotter cars. Reeves Window Tinting in Redding, CA may not be able to help everyone through this increasingly hot weather, but we can definitely help you.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Escape Redding’s Triple-Digit Heat

You may not be able to fight these rising temperatures directly, but with our help, you can combat their effects. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), “Every year, hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion because they are left in parked vehicles…The temperature inside your vehicle can rise almost 20º F in just 10 minutes. In 20 minutes, it can rise almost 30º F...and the longer you wait, the higher it goes.” Heat exhaustion and heat stroke may also occur. Both are dangerous, debilitating, and difficult to diagnose in pets.

Pets aren’t the only ones to suffer. Increased exposure to heat and ultraviolet light will affect pets, passengers, and your vehicle alike.

What if I told you there’s a rather simple solution? One which protects your loved ones from heat and UV radiation, and saves you money to boot.

The answer? Automotive window tinting. Adding tint is like creating a personal ozone layer for your automobile. The perfect defense against Redding’s ever-growing temperatures. Just look at some of these features of the tints Reeves carries:

August hot temperatures Redding CA

71% heat rejection

Our window treatments ward off up to three-quarters of the heat Mother Nature throws at your car. Imagine, rather than your car jumping up 10 degrees in the hot summer sun, it only jumps up 3. Our window tints cut solar heat gain, so the inside of your car stays cool. Save your pets and your passengers. Purchase Reeves window tint today.

Reduces 99% of UV damage

Yep, if you spend a lot time in the car, window tint is a must. It will reduce age spots (solar lentigines) and help you avoid skin cancer. Did you know that according to the National Cancer Institute, skin cancer is no longer just for your skin? You can actually develop skin cancer in your eye? It’s called intraocular (or just ocular) melanoma. And it’s nasty stuff. People rarely consider eye protection a necessity, especially for small children and pets. Unfortunately, it is.

As a side note, on September 1 of 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1303 into law. In short, if you have a note signed by your dermatologist, you can install darker tints than ever before. The darker a tint, the more heat it wards off. So, check with your doctor to see if you have a condition which qualifies you for this unique perk.

Increased Privacy

You can finally keep your neighbors and their nosy kids out of your life. Or at least out of your car. And if you accidentally leave your purse in the passenger seat, or forget your phone in the center console, your belongings are less likely to be seen through our window treatments. Peace of mind.

Prevent Break-ins

Leaving valuables lying openly in your vehicle tempts thieves into damaging your car and stealing your belongings. Window tinting alone will not single-handedly prevent vehicle break-ins, but getting the darkest tint allowed by law will make your car a less likely target. Tinted windows prevent thieves from peering into the car, as well as make it quite obvious to other people about the presence of a potential car thief.

Become Shatter Proof

That’s right. Not only will Reeves window treatments help prevent break-ins, they’ll also protect you in the case of a collision. When we apply a window tint, we cover your window with a thin film. This film not only keeps the sun out, it will help keep broken glass together. Even after the glass breaks, the laminate continues to adhere to the shards. The flexible film bends in ways your windshield cannot, containing glass fragments and keeping them out of your hair. Quite literally.

Reduces heat damage

According to State Farm Insurance, “During testing conducted at the State Farm® Vehicle Research Facility, interior air temperatures have been recorded well in excess of 145° F and vehicle interior surface temperatures on areas exposed to direct sunlight in excess of 195°F.” Yes, that’s hot enough to literally boil an egg. Yikes. Imagine what these temperatures can do to pets and children. Heat damage this extreme will crack the leather on your steering wheel and upholstery. It also leaches toxic chemicals from the interior of your car. According to Weathers, “While researchers say that up to 275 chemicals can be found in the cabin in any given new car, they identify 50 as being significant in volume. The most notorious of the toxins found by air-quality researchers include phthalates, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), heavy metals, benzene, methylbenzene (toluene), bromine, and formaldehyde.” In high heat, these airborne chemicals produce nausea and headaches. According to the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry, prolonged exposure may cause central nervous system damage, hormone problems, memory loss, and even cancer. Isn’t it about time you protect yourself and your family from this easily remedied problem?

Save Money on Gasoline

Lower temperatures mean less air conditioning. Less air conditioning means less gasoline. Less gasoline means more money for your trip to Disneyland. Really, who doesn’t love Disneyland? Buy window treatments today and head for Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow. Everyone wins.

Cooler Interior

Redding’s extreme temperatures can blast your car seats and steering wheel with enough heat to boil an egg. No, really. 195 degrees Fahrenheit will boil an egg in its shell. Imagine what these extreme heats do to your skin. Touching your seat is like touching the inside of your oven. You’ve undoubtedly felt it before. With the application of our window tint technology, you can keep your upholstery cool and avoid painful burns on your hands and legs.

Reduce Glare

Damaged roads. Never-ending construction. Clueless drivers. You have enough to contend with. There’s no need for you to battle against your own car too. Get rid of the glare that distracts you from the bozo two lanes over and the accident ahead, so you can get home safely.

Improved Aesthetics

Aesthetics may not be the most important reason to get auto window tinting, but it is still one of the most valued reasons why people tint their rides. There is nothing wrong in having a sophisticated looking car that also protects the passengers and keeps them safe inside. The right film can even enhance the aesthetics of an older automobile. Come on down to Reeves. We’ll cover your Corvette and laminate your Lamborghini.

Products & Services

Will You Tint My Vehicle?

The short answer: Yes. Here at Reeves, we work with soccer moms and corporate professionals alike. Minivans, sports cars, and work trucks — we say yes to every vehicle. We even say yes to boats! Join the rest of Shasta County, and come to Reeves. We love variety, and have the experience necessary to treat any kind of vehicle. We also carry the wide variety of brands necessary to satisfy the needs of our varied clientele.

Don’t Take Our Word For It.
Here is What Our Customers Have to Say:

“…blocking the sun from the inside of your vehicle isn't a luxury; IT'S A NECESSITY. Jonathan is the ‘goes the extra mile’ kind of guy you want to give your business. I start work very early and Jonathan was willing to meet me at the shop before normal business hours and he provided me with a ride to the office as well!”

Tommy M – Cottonwood, CA

“We just had Jonathan tint the windows in our house and our car... he did an amazing job! We love how it looks and it's already been a huge savings on our utility bill. He is honest and professional and I wouldn't recommend anyone else but Reeves.”

Sabrina S – FROM Redding, CA

“I am so thankful to Yelp for introducing me to Reeve's Window Tinting! Jonathan is a total professional at what he does, my windows look absolutely immaculate. The whole experience was wonderful.”

Maya F – Redding, CA

“Jonathan Reeves was one of my top installers here at San Diego Tint for years. Not only is he a great window tinter, he is a stand-up guy. I wish him the best with his new business in Redding.”

Andrew G – La Mesa, CA

“Super hard worker with a ton of integrity. Uses top quality films and knows what he is doing. What more can you ask for?”

Jared C – Saint Helena, CA

What to Expect

First, swing by or call for an estimate. Then, we can decide on a good day and time to drop off your vehicle. When the day arrives, you will leave your vehicle with us for a few hours while we apply the treatment. If you prefer to wait at the shop until your vehicle is finished, that is fine with us!

Steps we take after your vehicle arrives:

  1. Choose the brand and opacity of your window film
  2. Clean your windows
  3. Cut your film (by hand)
  4. Shrink your film
  5. Clean your film
  6. Lay your film
  7. Squeegee and de-bubble your film
  8. Double check to ensure perfection and allow to dry

This process typically takes 2 to 4 hours, so after you drop off your car, we will call you once your vehicle is ready for pickup. If you run into trouble, just call Jonathan. He’s amiable, and happy to help however he can.

Once your window film has been installed, it will require 3 to 5 days to dry completely. Do NOT roll down your windows during this time. Water may bead or produce a cloudy haze between the film and window. This is quite normal and will disappear after the film dries completely. Also, cold, sunless days tend to lengthen this drying-out time. Hot, cloudless days, on the other hand, tend to shorten this drying-out time. Just keep a close eye on the film.

How to Clean Your Sweet New Tint:

  • Always use a clean, soft cloth. Microfiber is best. Warm water and mild soap work well, but you can also try glass cleaners.
  • Avoid ammonia! Most glass cleaners work great. Unfortunately, those with ammonia damage not only the film, but also the laminate which adheres the film to the window.
  • Avoid brushes! They will scratch and tear your window treatment. Fortunately, we apply the tint treatment to the inside of your windows, not the outside. This means you need not worry about car washes damaging your new tint job. Everything’s on the inside. The only threats to your new window treatments will be your passengers. So, tell them to be careful where they throw their seat belts and cell phones.

How to Choose Your Window Tint

VLT. Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) is the gauge by which the department of motor vehicles measures the tint of a window. The lower the VLT, the darker the tint. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 205 (49 C.F.R. 571.205) specifies the national standards for window tints. Each state maintains additional laws. If you have any questions, please come in to Reeves. We will take you step by step through your options, and show you a variety of samples to make your choice easier.

Types of Window Tint Film

Dyed Film – This is the least expensive and therefore the most economical tint available. It’s the type you find in most DIY kits. It’s also less functional than the other choices available. When manufacturers fabricate this tint, they apply dye to large sheets of film. That film is then cut, boxed, and sent to professionals who apply said film to vehicles. This dye blocks solar heat (though less efficiently than other types of film) from the interior of the car. The dye in the film also provides some degree of privacy for passengers, 99% UV protection, and — unlike metalized film — is signal friendly.

Metalized Film – The biggest disadvantage here is signal interference. The metal, which covers the film in a thin layer, interferes with electromagnetic waves. In other words, say goodbye to your cell phone reception. And your GPS. And satellite radio. And don’t forget about your tire pressure monitoring systems… you get the point. It’s a pretty huge drawback. Otherwise, this film delivers the same benefits as dyed film: heat rejection, UV protection, and privacy.

Carbon Film – This film produces better results than both metalized and dyed films. First of all, it creates no signal interference. (Yay! Your cell phone reception is back!) Not to mention, it’s a much more tasteful option. It looks refined when measured next to metalized and dyed films. Another advantage is that it doesn’t fade with time. Otherwise it has all the same bells as whistles as metalized and dyed tints: heat rejection, UV protection, and privacy.

Ceramic Film – We saved the best for last. This film boasts the title of “highest quality available”. It is likewise the most expensive film available. The tint is created by applying a thin coat of ceramics to the film. This combination produces a thinner, more scratch resistant film. It also generates a film with higher heat rejection and UV protection. Furthermore, it manages to avoid such pitfalls as signal interference and fading over time. If you have the money, ceramic film is well worth the investment.

Check Out Our Brands

Solar Gard NR Galaxie

The NR Galaxie line manufactured by Solar Gard. This is our most economical choice. But don’t mistake economical for cheap. Our Galaxie tints are guaranteed against fading and color change. They come in bold, black, non-reflective material. Galaxie uses dyed film technology, which won’t interfere with GPS, satellite radios, cellular phones, or tire pressure monitoring systems. This dyed film also blocks 99% of UV rays. A solid, all round choice.

SunTek CXP

The CXP line manufactured by SunTek. This line uses a state of the art nano-hybrid, carbon technology. It offers the same non-fading, non-color changing guarantee, and it boasts superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection. It won’t interfere with your radio or cell phone signals either, and it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. You can see why this is our most popular choice.

Prestige CeraLuxe

The CeraLuxe line manufactured by Prestige. If you want sexy, you’ve come to the right place. Prestige spent over 2 years developing the CeraLuxe Quantum Ceramic® Window Film. That’s right, ceramic. They utilize quantum science to integrate their proprietary Nano-IR technology on pure-ceramic substrates. This tech gives all the usual perks (significant heat rejection, reduced glare, 99% UV rejection, unobstructed cell reception), in addition to offering better visual clarity than the CPX and Galaxie lines. You’ll be in an exclusive club indeed if you decide to go with the CeraLuxe line. And it’ll be well worth it.


Remember the saying; “You get what you pay for” well it’s true! Reeves Window Tint is all about quality and value; never the cheapest or most expensive. Our prices are very competitive and we actually encourage you to shop around. When it comes to our level of customer service, quality of installation, wide range of films, we are the best Window Tinter in the North State.

DIY Kits

A quick note for those of you thinking about using do-it-yourself tint treatments: DON’T. Just don’t. It takes years of training to master the window tinting process. Even then, pros still slip-up and eat the costs of replacing an entire installation. DIY kits come with substandard materials, and you’ll need to purchase additional equipment to properly install them. Add these into your hidden costs. Please, save yourself the headache and leave your car in the hands of the professionals.

Can You Apply Tint to My Vehicle?

The short answer? Yes! We’ve worked on just about every kind of vehicle imaginable: minivans, sport sedans, 18-wheelers, motorhomes, boats, and even storefront properties. That’s right, we’ll tint your business as well as your submersible. If it has accessible glass and the window need tinting, Reeves can tint it. Give us a call!

About Reeves

Jonathan Reeves

About Reeves Window Tinting

Jonathan Reeves and his wife, Nikki, run Reeves Window Tinting from their spacious facility at 2124 East Street here in Redding, just next door to Sakura Sushi. The location is convenient, and offers plenty of free parking.

If you have any questions whatsoever, talk to Jonathan. He has 10 years’ worth of professional window tinting experience. He’s an expert. He’s thorough. And most importantly, he’s honest. He will guide you through the process, and ensure it’s done right.

Reeves Window Tinting backs its products. The NR Galaxie line, CPX line, and CeraLuxe line each comes with its own manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. This warranty covers defects like bubbling, fading, peeling, or delaminating (Note — consumer related defects, such as scratches from seatbelts, are not covered under this warranty). In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, Reeves adds a supplemental, installation guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our work for any reason, come back in and we will correct the problem. We stand behind our work and guarantee satisfaction.

Nikki Reeves
By the way, if you made the mistake of trying a do-it-yourself kit, don’t worry; we can fix it. The same goes for any other aftermarket tint job. If your windows were previously tinted, and you need them fixed, swing by, or give us a call and ask for Jonathan. He’ll take care of you.

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